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90% discount for SSM Loans. What are you Waiting for?

SSM loan will get 90% discount! Offer will be extended from 01.07.2022 to 31.10.2022

The offer was originally from 01.03.2022 to 30.06.2022 for four months

90% discount provided companies registered under Companies Act 1965.

Can a dormant company carry forward losses Malaysia? Can I buy over a loss making company ?

It’s actually not hard to start a business CCM has recently simplified the registration process for many companies So what is needed to prepare before starting a company?

What to do after starting a company? What needs special attention to?

Payer & Payee? Let us Explain in detail

The company that is paying must deduct a withholding tax equal to 2% of the total amount of each transaction on a cumulative monthly basis, and the 2% withholding tax amount is due to the Director of Revenue (DGIR) by the last day of the following month.

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