What’s Form E?

All Sdn Bhd with or without employee is required to file Form E return to LHDN by 31 March every year and the deadline is 30 April. [section 83 Income Tax Act 1967]

Failure to file will result in a penalty of RM200 to RM20,000 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months, or both. [section 120(1)(b) Income Tax Act 1967].  As the offence repeats, the penalty gets more severe. 

What’s inside a Form E?

  • Total number of employees within the company (including NIL)
  • New hiring
  • Company information
  • All Employee(s) information and income details

Important highlights

  1. To include part-timer
  2. To include intern
  3. To include contract staff
  4. Foreigner / local staff leaving the country more than 3 months without intention of returning


Why it’s more complicated than you think?

  • Subject to tax audit and additional penalties
  • Manual administration is complicated.  Need to keep track: –
    • Total number of employees
      • include new / exit
      • full-time/part-time/contract/intern
    • Calculate Monthly Tax Deduction (MTD) scheme on PCB
    • Every employee marital status
    • Tax exempt allowances (childcare, petrol allowance, staff advance, meal allowance, insurance premium, gift)
  • Any errors require re-submission and penalties

What’s easier, better, and faster way to administer your Form E filing.  The smarter choice is to outsource to MYKONGSI.  Why?

  • Save your administration time from something outside your team expertise
  • Avoid confusion reading how to do from the internet, you can risk wasting time and still getting it wrong!
  • Get advice from expert (HR + Qualified Accountants’ team combined) It’s not the cost you can see, it’s the value you can’t.


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